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This page is all about what I’m doing now, a page I added after listening to Derek Sivers on the Tim Ferriss podcast, where Derek talks about his project.

I’ve broken this page up into two areas: Personal & Business. In that order.

The Personal Now

I’m heading off to the UK & Spain for three weeks in July/August to visit family and basically allow my grandparents as much time as they can with Elliott. I’ll also be seeing most of my other family there too including my brother and his family who are visiting from New York.

We’re also trying for child #2. Elliott was an IVF baby so we’re going through that all again.

I’m reading a lot more; currently getting through Tim Ferriss’s Tools For Titans book. Previously book finished was Laszlo Bock’s Work Rules, which I recommend thoroughly.

Still trying to lose some weight. Still at 95kg. Even cancelled the gym membership because that was $20 a fortnight that was being wasted.

The Business Now

My contract with PresCare will run, hopefully, to the end of the year. I’m most excited by two of their commercial businesses – Contented Chef and especially Walk On Wheels (new site coming). WoW isn’t a very sexy business but I’m really confident we should be able to dominate the market here in Australia.

Other clients include Knauf, Femplay (the sex toy market is super competitive!) and a great little start-up Urban Chocolatier, which does delivery chocolates. The rest of my time is taken up working with XY Skin & Body, which is a blog all of its own.

I’m also working on a project with a South African developer called Grant, based on the Gold Coast, who I met through a founders website. I pitched an idea I had had several years ago and he loved it. Within a few weeks, he’d built the app. You know there’s that saying that next to every guy with a great idea there’s a person who is actually making it happen? Feels like that.

Then there’s E. Probably one of the only other marketing people I enjoy sitting and listening to, and one that knows more than me. I want to do something with him. It’s just finding that thing. But there’s no rush.