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Our team is built by freelancers. This means we get the best people for the job and you never pay for more than the time needed to do the job.

Simon Dell (Strategy / Digital)Simon Dell

12 years marketing experience |

With a background running my own agency for six years, I’ve been consulting directly with clients since March 2016. During my agency time, I pretty much crossed every discipline including creative, branding, strategy, digital and so on. I’ve built brands, directed videos, run social campaigns and everything inbetween.

My focus now is the digital space because I believe it’s the best way to grow a business and because it’s more measurable. My areas of interest include overall digital strategy, SEO, Adwords and user experience.

Matthew Clarkson (Strategy / Analytics / Development)matt clarkson

19 years marketing experience |

Matt has worked in senior marketing, analytical and technical roles for nearly 20 years.

With a background in psychology, critical reasoning underpin his approach to marketing. He is highly analytical and a proponent of ‘scientific marketing’. He encourages organisations to adopt an experiment based marketing culture that embraces data-driven decision making.

Matt also happens to be a competent software developer and is proficient in a range of programming languages and frameworks. This gives him a unique ability to quickly implement true ‘growth hacking’ strategies. Where many marketers may talk hacking, Matt actually hacks. While his main areas of interest are in marketing analytics, marketing data strategy, business intelligence, marketing automation and conversion optimisation, he tends to do whatever is necessary to get results.

Matt is also a cycling tragic and runs the news service The Daily Spin.

Kristy Edwards (Social Media / Content) kristy edwards

10 years social experience |

Kristy has had over 7 years’ experience in business management and HR, including running her own business since 2011. In under a year, she grew her first online enterprise from a brand-new start-up to a thriving business with a 5,000-strong Facebook community. She understands how to make social media work beyond the basics of ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’.

Cmos Le (Film / Content)

4 years cinematography experience

Cmos Le is a cinematographer, director and all-around filmmaker. He’s expertise is founded in bringing ideas to life by creating a visual story. His experience ranges from, promotional videos, to short films, documentaries, music videos and much more. Cmos believes that if we humans continue to tell stories, the screen will always be a powerful medium.

Gilberto Castillo (Audio / Sound)

15 years music production and sound design experience |

Gilberto Castillo is a music composer and sound designer with a keen interest in audio post-production and music production.

His particular approach to sound has led him to explore sound design and its boundaries with music, producing a body of work of audio-visual experiments and collaborations, as well as a solid knowledge and experience in sound design.

Along with music and sound design, Gilberto is an experienced audio postproduction engineer, freelancing for Australian companies such as Network 10 or international companies such as Nickelodeon.