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The Simon Dell Show marketing podcasts: all things marketing, advertising, tech & business.

Our early episodes contain our ‘Spin Cycle’ segment with our two co-hosts Patrick Condren and Dr. Edwina Luck, where we review three marketing and advertising stories from the previous week. We then have a long-form interview with a notable guest where listeners will get tips, ideas, and guidance that they can hopefully apply to their own business. The episodes range from 60 to 90 minutes long.

Episodes from SDS32 onwards either contain the Spin Cycle OR our long form interview.

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All Marketing Podcast Episodes

Our episodes are in chronological order and we aim to release a new one (almost) every week.

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We’re starting to roll out transcripts and individual pages for each show.

PP1: Emiliano Giovannoni, Marketing Expert

PP2: Peter Roper, Former Editor of Marketing Mag

PP3: Simon Bell, Business Mastery Coach

PP4: Peta Ellis, CEO River City Labs

PP5: Marketing Masterclass with Simon Bell

PP6: Nick Bowditch, Ex-Facebook SME Manager

PP7: Justin Dry, Joint CEO of Vinomofo

PP18: Debbie Richardson, Marketing for CEOs

PP23: Cinzia Cozzolino from Smoothie Bombs 

PP35: Louisa Dahl, CEO and Founder of Interactive Minds

PP36: Sam Hardy, Director of Sales and Marketing at Peak Marketing

PP37: Cherie Curtis, CEO of Revelian

PP39: Rafael Romis, Weberous Web Design, CEO

PP40: Michael Adams, Brisbane Festival Marketing and Communications Director

PP41: Larissa Mouttou, AFL QLD State Marketing Manager

PP42: Anna Kerwick, Merlo, Head of Marketing

PP43: Peter Bradd, The Beanstalk Factory, CEO

PP44: Ron Gauci, Melbourne Storm, Former CEO

PP45: Richard Webb, Cataliize, CEO + Co-Founder

PP46: Troy Douglas, Nexba Beverages, CEO + Co-Founder

PP47: Natalie Goldman, FlexCareers, CEO

PP48: Charles Cornish, DoseMe, CEO

PP49: Joshua Webb, TAXIBOX, Marketing Manager

PP51: Cheryl Mack, Startcon, CEO

PP52: James MacGregor, Biteable, Co-Founder

PP53: Rob Hango-Zada, Shippit, Joint CEO and Co-Founder

PP55: Ric Navarro, Global Director Marketing and Communications, Norman Disney and Young

PP56: Ben Crow, WLTH, COO

PP57: Hunter Johnson, The Man Cave, CEO

Our Co-Hosts

Dr. Edwina Luck

Eddie has been a senior lecturer in marketing at QUT for the past 15 years and has over twenty years teaching experience in the marketing and entertainment areas, and industry experience in London and Australia within hospitality and PR/marketing.

Patrick Condren

Pat is a former political correspondent for Channel Seven in Queensland. His reporting experience goes back to 1986 and he’s worked with such organisations as the ABC, ITV, BBC, and Fairfax.

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If you’re interested in being interviewed for our show and think you have an interesting story to tell, then please contact us at the email address below.

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