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One of the big challenges for businesses is finding an expert digital marketing consultancy that is both knowledgeable and affordable. Even those candidates with basic digital marketing skills are becoming both more and more expensive and much harder to find, as other companies realise the importance of having digital talent inside their organisations. And often, your business might not warrant employing someone full-time, or longer than a few months.


If you’re business is looking for digital marketing consultancy for a single day or a longer-term contract over a number of months, contact us now.

Our goal is to work with you in your business, analyse your current digital position, look at your competitors and develop a strong strategic plan that you can either implement yourself, or we can implement together.

We can work with senior members of your business up to C-level, or we can come in and work with existing marketing staff, regardless of seniority. Even if you’d like us to train your junior marketing coordinators, we can do that too.

We’ll tackle all the key areas of your digital marketing including your optimisation in search engines, the design and flow of your website, automated marketing, enewsletters, social media and so on. And we’re available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne to work physically in your business, or other locations around Australia remotely.

Our marketing consultancy pricing starts from $1,495 per day for a single, 8-hour day – and we’re more than happy to work for a single day, so please don’t hesitate to ask – and reduces down for longer agreements and timeframes, to as little as $695 a day. Contact us now.

Half Day

  • As Needed Basis

Single Day

  • As Needed Basis

One Day Per Week

  • *Minimum 1 month

One Day Per Fortnight

  • *Minimum 3 months

One Day Per Week

  • *Minimum 3 months

Two Days Per Week

  • *Minimum 3 Months

If you’re interested, email me directly at and let me know your needs and we can have an initial chat free of charge!